Parent Resources

The forms below are for the parent or guardian to complete for the babysitter. These are essential in decreasing any unwanted interruptions while you’re out as well as increasing the security of your children. Before your scheduled babysitting appointment, take a few minutes to fill out each one of these forms. If you have any questions about the forms, please contact us and we will return your inquiry as soon as we can.

Sitter Guidelines

Let your sitter know the house rules with this form including what is considered an emergency, anything about pets, the kids, and other items worth noting.


Children Guidelines

This form will tell your sitter what food & drinks are allowed, information about computer and electronic device rules, and disciplinary actions that may need taken.


Refrigerator List

It’s important your sitter have access to all important phone numbers. Ensure you include the address, cross street and other pertinent information, just in case.


Sitter Checklist

Filling this form out lets your sitter know your direct contact information, any allergies your children may have, and how to handle any potential medical needs.


Contact Us

Your experience with Sitter Select and your children's safety is our top priority. If you have any questions regarding your scheduled appointment and the above forms, please call us.